What to expect at your first session

Welcome to EAMAC Ju Jitsu!

When you first arrive you’ll be greeted by the chief instructor who’ll have a short chat with you about what Ju Jitsu is and what we do. He’ll also find out some more about you, including your experience and whether you have any injuries or other physical challenges we need to be aware of.



You’ll be given a chance to come on to the mat straight away, or if you’d prefer to watch for a bit we’re happy for you to do that instead. Once you’re on the mat, you’ll join in with everyone else, usually at the back so you can observe what’s going on more easily and you won’t feel everyone’s eyes on you!



We’ll talk you through the exercises, then pair you up with some of our senior students under the close guidance of an instructor to take you through the rest of the evening. This will usually involve learning some basic striking techniques and simple escapes from grabs, to give you a taste of what Ju Jitsu is about. Everything will be done at a pace suitable to you and in a manner you’re comfortable with.



If you decide you’d like to continue the next step is to join the association. Not only does this give you the right to train at any BJJAGB club in the country, it’s your insurance so you are covered in the event of an incident.

A very friendly group who are all keen to help you learn especially at your pace. The instructors encourage questions and show you how to improve all the time. I would highly recommend it. I'm so glad I gave it a go!

163 Bridge Road,

Oulton Broad,


NR33 9JU


Tel:  01502 731048