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EAMAC Ju Jitsu club is a safe, friendly place to learn a new skill.

Our adult class meets every Monday and Thursday from 8.15 to 9.45. Beginning with a light warm-up, the class moves on to practice striking and movement, before running through our breakfalls.

After this we may spend some time learning and practicing throws or other techniques then move on to syllabus work (training for the next grade). Sessions are usually very fluid – with such a wide range of techniques to learn and practice we can guarantee that no night is ever the same!

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Our credentials.

In 1993 Senior Instructor Chris Clutten, 3rd Dan, founded EAMAC Ju Jitsu club. Thirty years later and Sensei Clutten, now 6th Dan, continues to lead the club.


Our Instructors are members of the British Ju-Jitsu Association GB so our black belt gradings are traceable to National Governing Body Standards. The BJJA GB is recognised by SportEngland and the Sport and Recreation Alliance as the Governing Body for Ju Jitsu in the UK.

All About Ju Jitsu

Ju Jitsu is a Japanese martial art that was developed hundreds of years ago. Originally used by the samurai to defeat their opponents in battle, it has evolved and been refined into an extremely effective self defence system, used by police and armed forces around the world.

Your First Night

The hardest part of learning Ju Jitsu for anyone is taking that first step through the door of the dojo, into the unknown. To make it a bit easier, here’s what you can expect on your first night.

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