Join us and learn Japanese Ju Jitsu in a friendly, supportive atmosphere.

EAMAC Ju Jitsu has been training students since the early 1990s, and continues to teach people of all ages. 

We would love to welcome you on to the mat and help you in your journey in the martial arts.

Led by Chief Instructor Chris Clutten, 6th Dan, we train two nights a week, and have a friendly, encouraging atmosphere. If you’re looking for a club where you have to do hundreds of press-ups before knocking lumps out of each other while the instructor yells at you, that’s not us! Instead we focus on steady improvement, meeting you at your level of fitness and ability and building from there. We support encourage you, not push you.



This approach, along with the emphasis on self-defence and using an opponent’s strength against them, makes it particularly suitable for women, and generally we have a 50/50 split between male and female on the mat.


163, Bridge Road,
Oulton Broad

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Club times

Mon & Thurs,
7.00 - 9.45

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Your first night

The first step is the hardest, so we make it easy. Discover what you can expect.

All about
Ju Jitsu

An ancient discipline for the modern day, that combines self-defense and martial arts.

Why Choose Us


Specialised dojo

We train at the East Anglian Martial Arts Centre, one of the largest sole-purpose dojos in the area.


We're the only members in East Anglia of the BJJA GB, which is recognised by SportEngland and the Sport and Recreation Alliance as the Governing Body for Ju Jitsu in the UK. All gradings are undertaken to the national standard.

Highly Experienced Instructors

All instructors are at third dan or above, and have been training for at least 25 years. Coaches are registered with the governing body.

163 Bridge Road,

Oulton Broad,


NR33 9JU


Tel:  01502 731048

Email: info@eamac.co.uk